Slide-All™ Sliders help move large furniture and equipment easily, protect carpet and flooring and keep furniture joints from loosening. They are specially formulated reusable sliding disks with a non-skid foam backing. Placed under heavy furniture and equipment, like sofas, file cabinets, bookcases, fitness equipment, and factory equipment, Slide-All™ Sliders help move large items and helps prevent them from falling over while moving. Slide-All™ Sliders make it possible for one person to move things that might normally require two or three people. Rearranging lay-outs for fitness centers, offices or factories is easy and fast with Slide-All™ Sliders.

Use Slide-All™ Sliders to
• Slide heavy furniture and equipment easily across floors
• Slide heavy sofas, file cabinets and bookcases effortlessly across carpets
• Protect carpets from snagging and tearing
• Protect hard floor surfaces from scratching with Slide-All™ Sliders with Felt

Slide-All™ Sliders are recommended for
Most floor surfaces, especially carpets and ceramic tile

Slide-All™ Sliders with Felt are recommended for
Most floor surfaces, especially wood, vinyl tile and linoleum


Move furniture with less than 1/3 the effort

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