Commercial Grade Sliders protect floors in the most rugged commercial environments. A unique, form-fitting adhesive system keeps the sliders on furniture legs during heavy use. With this system, the adhesive foam pad compresses and actually molds around the leg and adheres to it, so the pads and sliders stay firmly in place. 
    The Commercial Grade Sliders help move furniture easily and prevent furniture damage by alleviating stress on joints. Commercial Grade Sliders are recommended for any heavy use applications such as schools, restaurants, hotels, and offices.

Use Commercial Grade Sliders to
• Protect carpets from snags and tears
• Slide furniture easily across carpets
• Reduce furniture damage by alleviating stress on joints
• Protect against rust stains
• Stabilize furniture on uneven floors
• Keep tables from wobbling

Recommended for
Carpets, concrete, ceramic tile floors, decks and patios

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